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Endowment Opportunities


Guidelines for Establishing Endowed Funds

  1. Named funds for general student scholarships may be established at Lenoir-Rhyne University with a minimum gift of $25,000.  Pledges may be fulfilled at the donor’s convenience anytime over a three-year period. An endowment agreement is signed by the donor and the President of the University.
  2. The amount of revenue earned by a named fund is determined by the overall earnings of the university’s pooled funds.
  3. Normally, earnings are awarded annually as they accrue in accordance with the endowment agreement once the fund reaches the minimum level.
  4. Additional gifts may be added to the fund at any time through current or deferred gifts such as will provisions, by the donor or by other friends and family.
  5. Recipients for scholarship funds are selected by the office of financial aid using the government approved financial aid information.  Academic departments and other resources may be used as appropriate in the selection process.
  6. The named fund will be listed in a University publication which provides descriptions and awarding guidelines of all University endowed funds.
  7. The recommended time frame for the completion of funding the $25,000 minimum is three years.  Funds that are not raised to the $25,000 level within the agreed upon time frame become part of the University’s general endowment.
  8. The University provides annual reports to donors of fund performance and/or current status.
  9. The University uses an endowment spending rate formula referred to as the “three-year average of market.”  This formula is used to calculate the funds released on an annual basis by taking average market value of the endowed fund on May 31 of the previous three years and multiplying it by the university’s spending rate.  The spending rate for the university is set by the Finance and Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees on an annual basis.  (Yr + Yr+Yr)/3=$  This average multiplied by our spending rate will enable the university to release funds for use by the recipient of this scholarship.


Currently, named funds are available as follows based on Centennial-Renewal campaign objectives:


    Full tuition, room board $500,000
    Full Tuition $350,000
    General Named fund minimum $25,000
    Set Criteria Named fund minimum $100,000
Faculty Enrichment  
    Distinguished Chair                    $1,500,000
    Endowed Full Professorships $1,000,000
    Faculty Professional Development $250,000
Other Endowed Funds  
    Named Fund Minimum $25,000


For more information about establishing an endowment, contact Meg Spivey-Connors at (828) 328-7431 or  Also, you may contact Dr. Drew VanHorn, VP of Institutional Advancement, at (828) 328-7360 or




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