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An Inspirational Story -

"I am incredibly grateful to those who have donated monetarily to my education and my overall growth as a person at Lenoir-Rhyne.  As a first generation college student supporting myself through my educational goals, I can assure you that the donors of my scholarships have been the deciding factor as to whether or not I could go to college as I have dreamed of since I was a young girl.  I am immensely thankful for the knowledge and experiences they have blessed me with, and my hope is that one day I can help an LR student achieve his or her life's goal." - Holly Baldwin '14


Our students live the Lenoir-Rhyne Mission Statement
"In pursuit of the development of the whole person, Lenoir-Rhyne University seeks to liberate mind and spirit, clarify personal faith, foster physical wholeness, build a sense of community, and promote responsible leadership for service to the world."

The Joint Boards, Administration, Faculty and Friends of Lenoir-Rhyne have joined together to create a Circle of Giving. This Circle honors the service of our students by giving back to their education! There is now an opportunity to honor the students' service by paying for an hour of their volunteer time. The hourly amount chosen is $10.00. One can donate for one hour, for a day, for a week, for a month. All of the money goes right back to the students in programs, scholarships, materials and needs of the academic community.

The excitement around this opportunity in just one meeting resulted in donations for 700 hours of student volunteerism. The money from that meeting became the seed for the Circle of Giving. The giving continues.

If you are a member of a group, a church, or a family that honors service, we invite you to include the Circle of Giving in your plans. If all of us only donate for one hour of our students' time, the benefits for our students would be astronomical.





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